An Evening with Bourbon
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

We will explore America's native spirit: Bourbon.  We will introduce you to the major styles, emerging trends and food-pairings.  We will also introduce you to highly-rated Bourbons for every budget.

No prior knowledge of Bourbon is required!

We will use specific Bourbons as references when discussing Bourbon style. Below are Bourbons we recommend for each style we will cover.  We provide links to local Liquor Stores that routinely carry one or more of these Bourbons on the event registration page. 


You may want to procure one or more of these Bourbons to join along when we pause for tastings.  Procuring a  Bourbon, however, is not necessary to enjoy this event. 

Style                       Reference Bourbon          Other Recommended Bourbons

Rye                         Russell's 10 Year                  Knob Creek, Elijah Craig, Redemption 

Wheated               Redemption Wheated        Maker's Mark, Larceny

Single Barrel        Evan Williams Vintage        Russell's Single Barrel, Jack Daniels SB

Bottled-in-Bond  George Dickel 2008            Old Tub, Old Grandad Bonded

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